SERIOUS CANDIDATES ONLY: I’m Looking To Hire That “One In A Million” VP OF SALES Who Wants To Get Rich With Me For The Next Decade…
  • Do You Know How To Build A World-Class Inbound/Outbound Sales Operation?
  • Are You Ready To Lead Your Own Team Of A-Player Salespeople?
  • I’ve Got The Audience, The Leads, The Products, The Connections, The Resources… Everything Is In Place But YOU.
  • I Could've Posted A Normal Job Ad But You Will Be The Most Important Hire Of My Life...So I Wrote You This Letter:  
From: Jason Capital
Time: April 2022
Dear VP Of Sales or Sales Manager
I’m looking to find that “one in a million” VP Of Sales who wants to get rich together for the next decade.
This is not an ad to hire a salesperson..
This is a search to find that one-of-a-kind VP Of Sales who will build our Phone Sales Operation into something world class...
That person who’s been leading others and crushing it for years somewhere else… but knows they’re capable of more.
Are You The One?

And you know - if you only had the path cleared for you, you’d build a system and lead a team that would break sales records year after year, destroy the competition AND take your income to the next level..
IF you are my guy, I will clear that path for you.
And together - we will break records.
If that sounds like you, keep reading because this could be the most important letter you’ve ever read. (NOT BULLSHIT.)
Let Me Tell You Why You Will Be The Single Most Important Hire I’ve Ever Made:
For 13 years, I’ve gone toe-to-toe with the top direct response marketing companies online…
I’ve sold over $70,000,000.00 of my own products online (while spending less than $3,000,000 on ads)...
But I’ve done all of it based on the strength of my marketing and copywriting…
I’ve never had a Phone Sales Team - while nearly all of my competitors worked their phones like their lives depended on it..
I’m not bragging - I’m confessing..
I messed up.
I was blind to the power of the phone… but now I can’t stop imagining what happens when I find that world class VP Of Sales and put him in charge of his own sales operation with me..
So let me tell you why I believe you are reading about..
The Greatest Sales Opportunity Of 2022
First, this is a private recruiting letter.
  • It is meant only for the tremendously ambitious VP Of Sales or manager.
  • It is meant for the guy who has the relentless desire to earn more money in a single year than most of his peers will make in a decade, build a team of absolute sales studs, and.. make his impact felt across the entire industry
  • It is meant for the guy who believes “2nd place is the first loser”. If you must win and your track record proves that, keep reading..
  • And finally, this letter is meant only for the guy who is willing to make the sacrifices that this level of success demands.. who is willing to take the risk.. skip “hanging out” with the boys.. and endure the pain necessary to build and grow a world-class sales operation
Is this sounding like you?
Here’s Why This Is The Opportunity Of A Lifetime If You Are That “One In A Million” VP Of Sales I’m Looking For:
Admittedly, I’ve failed to see the power of the phone until now, however..
I have NOT failed to see the value of digital marketing.
(Note: This is the part where it sounds like I’m bragging but I’m not, I just want to establish the size of the opportunity for you.)
As a result of my marketing, I became a millionaire at 24.. Multi-millionaire at 25.. and a $17 Million Personal Net Worth by 32. (By the way, I'm not impressed with these numbers and think I'm capable of much more. That's why I want you.)  
I’ve built five different 7-to-8 figure businesses in 5 different industries online..
My most recent online business was in the “biz opp” space, helping people just starting out earn their first $3K-$4K/mo online..
It worked - I have hundreds of successful case studies and 22 millionaire students.
I’ve sold over $70,000,000.00 of my own products and services online..
I did all that while spending less than $3 Million on paid ads (a lifetime ROAS of about 23:1)...
But more so..
I did all that without an inbound or outbound phone sales team.
And that was my error..
Over my 13 years online, I’ve watched a few close friends of mine scale their businesses 3-4X bigger than mine..
But the difference wasn’t their “ninja ad strategy” or their “high-converting webinar”..
The top ones had a world-class phone sales operation, and I did not.
Not focusing on that was my error in judgment… an error I’m fixing now.
That’s why I’m writing you this letter:
I’m looking for that “one in a million” VP Of Sales who is DYING to build and scale his own Sales Operation so that together, we can go to levels we’ve never seen before.
Here’s What’s In It For You:
  • TOP EARNER: In my last online business, we sold one product exclusively by chat. The Director of that Chat Funnel made $308,579.49 in his last year. Again - that was from selling one product by chat only. His 2nd-in-Command made $236,227.63. I pay well, and I love result-based incentives. (Note: I want you to get rich in this role. But if money’s your only motivation, this is not a fit. This should be about more than money for you - this should be about being handed the reins and getting to make your mark on the industry.)
  • LEADFLOW : I have 5.4 Million Followers on social media (2.5M on Instagram, 2.7M on TikTok and 201K on YT). My audience grows daily. These followers are interested in money. Most recently I was driving over 70,000 leads per month with my social media audience. Marketing is my thing - I will bury you in leads :)
  • LEAD A TEAM OF SLAYERS: Once you’ve established the system and strategy, it’ll be time to recruit, train and lead your team of slayers who you’ll topple the industry with. This will be your team, and your department.
  • IN-DEMAND PRODUCTS: We have the initial product ready to go, with hundreds of testimonials already. People often talk like their products are world-class but we both know that’s not true. We invest real time and money into our products and our customers can tell. The product is hot.
  • EXPAND YOUR NETWORK: I am highly connected in the social media and entrepreneurial space. I advise many of the biggest names in the industry and am sought out by just about every big name business guru you can imagine. I won’t name drop here but you can ask around. As the operation grows, my connections become your connections.
  • TRUE AUTONOMY: I’m the marketing guy, not the sales guy. So it would be foolish for me to try to tell you how to do your job - you have my word I won’t. You will be given the freedom and autonomy to build the most beastly sales system humanly possible.
  • PERSONAL GROWTH: You will learn a ton about social media and online marketing that is 100% proprietary and cutting-edge, my “magic bag” of tricks I never share publicly so your marketing and business knowledge will accumulate here by proxy. I can also help you cut your tax burden by more than 90% legally and ethically like I have. (NOT B.S.)
  • EARN EQUITY: It is very early but I have the vision to take this venture to big places. Getting in at the VERY beginning means preferred compensation terms and a chance to earn equity, profit sharing or potentially both (in addition to salary and bonuses).
  • JOIN THE WINNING TEAM: Since I started my first venture from my college dorm room 13 years ago, my businesses have made millions and grown each year. That is my track record. And I’ve done all of it without working the phones. Imagine what happens when we get you in the fold and put you in charge of the Sales Operation. I’m also ruthless (in a sincere way) about only allowing A-Players on the team, so you won’t deal with losers in other departments. You’ll be surrounded only by winners like you on this winning executive team.
Everything is in place…but YOU.
How Far Are You Willing To Go For Your Success?
When I started as a 20-year old kid, I locked myself in my mom’s basement.
I refused to come out and do anything else until I had a real online business making me money..
It sucked.
I was down there for months.
But I did it.
Most people will never do that…
There might be “one in a million” willing to make that sacrifice for success…
It might be even harder for you if you have a wife.. kids.. mortgage.. and other commitments..
So if you’re not up to it, no hard feelings.
But the “one in a million” person I’m looking for is the one who will lock themselves in that room if they have to like I did, and will not come out until our Sales Operation is a MONSTER…
Here’s How To Apply..
Now if this sounds like you, I’m going to tell you how to apply in a moment.
But I want to be upfront:
This letter will get shared around social media…
I’ll be sharing it with all of my 5.4 Million Followers, and I will ask them to share it too.
I’m also having all my friends and clients with big followings share it to their audiences too..
I’m hoping it goes “viral” so the absolute best in the world see it.
So you are not the only one applying.
But if you are who I’ve described in this letter, you wouldn’t want the opportunity that’s easy to get because no one wants it…
You want the opportunity that makes the most sense, with the most opportunity.. where bureaucracy and slow growth get the hell out of your way.. where a massive audience of leads is already in place… where you can leverage your skills and know-how.. where you can finally unleash your tremendous ambition to make your impact felt across the industry. And that is exactly what this is.
Opportunities Like This Come Once Or Twice In A Lifetime.
Don’t let this one slip by.
If you’ve read this letter and feel YOU are my guy, that’s excellent news and I’m excited to chat with you.
Email me at
In your email, include:
  1. A 60-second video telling my why you’re the VP Of Sales I’ve spent 13 years searching for
  2. Your resume with 3 references
Do not apply if:
  • You did not read this letter in full
  • You do not meet the Requirements outlined below
  • You’ve sold less than $4,000,000 to date 
Official Details:
  • You will be responsible for the sales results of the entire company.
  • You will be designing the sales department from the ground up.
  • You will provide feedback to the CEO regarding strategy and best practices based on data and audience feedback. You are expected to come with a vast array of experience so that you can direct the CEO as to what strategies will work best, rather than the other way around.
  • You will be expected to self-manage.
  • With 5.4M social media followers who are generally interested in money and a brand with a reputation for world-class digital marketing, you have a built-in platform to work your magic from Day One.
  • We believe this is a “once in a lifetime” opportunity for the right person.
  • Our values: Truth/Candor, Integrity, 2nd Place is 1st loser
  • Build sales strategy (inbound, outbound, cold calling) 
  • Discover and optimize sales strategy
  • Design sales choreography
  • Sell
  • Hire, train and manage new salespeople when that point is reached
  • Come with ready made, preferred “tech stack” to track, report and manage necessary sales data
  • Work closely with social media team to optimize lead generation strategies
  • Review and manage any vendor and/or freelance work as needed and remain as POC for all vendors
  • Any and everything required to slay and scale
  • Sales grow by 20-30% month on month in your first 12 months
  • Build and design sales strategy for front-end offer, ascension offer, 2nd ascension offer and 3rd ascension offer, utilizing an outbound cold-calling system and an inbound system - we want to sell like our lives depend on it    
  • Hire, train and manage initial sales team for Outbound and Inbound
  • Build Sales Operations to handle doubling of lead volume every 8 months without panic or loss of quality
  • Sales process does not violate core values of CEO and adheres to the guidelines set forth by Legal
  • 4 years+ experience as Salesperson and Sales Manager/Leader selling B2B and B2C. You can show the numbers of you and your team got better each year. You have vast experience in Inbound, Outbound, Cold Calling, High Ticket ($5K-$10K), Ultra High Ticket ($25K-$100K+) selling to businesses and consumers
  • You’ve done at least $4,000,000 in sales of your own
  • Above-average IQ
  • Embodies core values of CEO (not in words but in deed)
  • You come “batteries installed”. You don’t need anyone to tell you what to do. And when you complete something, you can’t wait to get started on the next thing.
  • You are not easily triggered. You have humility. You are aware of your limitations and quick to admit when wrong and adjust.
  • You are hungry. You might have a chip on your shoulder and are tremendously ambitious.
  • You have “tech stack” know-how for what 3rd party tech you need and how to put it together
  • You are very good at self-managing. You hold yourself to such a high personal standard that you manage yourself better than any outside force could.
Email me at
In your email, include:
  1. A 60-second video telling my why you’re the VP Of Sales I’ve spent 13 years searching for
  2. Your resume with 3 references
P.S. If you are a recruiter, head-hunter or you just know the “one in a million” VP Of Sales I’m looking for… and I hire your referral, I will bonus you $5,000 (paid by wire, check or BTC).